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Wmcard datingsitecategory combu 1

This peak occurs as the first 360 degree phase shift of the delayed signal comes into alignment with the original signal.The first null occurs at 1/2 of the first peak frequency (in Hz).The 3 to 1 Rule says that if multiple microphones can hear the same source, then no other microphone should be less than 3 times the distance to the source for the microphone nearest the source.

This means that the next closest microphone has to be at least 15 feet away from you in order to minimize comb filtering.

For a signal offset by 10 milliseconds of delay (10 milliseconds = 10/1000 second = 0.010 second), we can calculate the first peak using 1 ÷ 0.01 = 100Hz.

The first null or cancelation happens at (1/delay time)/2 = (1/0.01)/2 = 100/2 = 50Hz. Peaks and nulls become less pronounced as the difference in relative levels between the microphones becomes greater.

While microphones A and C have the greatest physical separation from one another, they do not have greatest gain difference (relative to one another).

Microphones B and C have the largest separation in gain, about 8d B, thereby creating the least interference with one another and thus we see the shallowest ripples in the response curve.

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The first null or cancelation happens at (1/delay time)/2 = (1/0.001)/2 = 1000/2 = 500Hz.

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