Who is sandy linter dating

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Who is sandy linter dating

The extra fullness makes light-colored eyes pop and intensifies brown or hazel irises, she explains.

Despite their name, the individual lashes actually come in small, subtle clusters known as flares, but unlike tricky full-strip falsies, they can be trusted to stay put.

If you have ever thumbed through the pages of Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair or any other major publication, you have seen her work.

Since you'll be lying on a massage table with your eyes closed the entire time, you will probably find it a welcome break.

Prolonged use of extension lashes can damage your natural ones.

Sandy: Evelyn Lauder, Bette Midler, Elizabeth Hurley, Sigourney Weaver, Debbie Harry, Patti Hansen, Cheryl Teigs, these are all women I admire. Debbie Harry and Patti Hansen have inspired my makeup since the 1970′s. So popular now, it’s hard to imagine there was a time it wasn’t worn. Long-haul fix: Extensions transform plain-Jane eyelashes into screen siren standouts without a smidgen of mascara – a huge benefit for potentially teary brides.

The one-to-three-hour procedure demands a delicate touch: an expert aesthetician attaches synthetic lashes one by one to your upper lashes with a safe, longlasting adhesive.

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For just $75, I'd see plasticsurgery consultations, melanoma checks, bra fittings, even a menopause makeover....