Thailand old and young sex

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Thailand old and young sex

There is also a large but unspecified number of children under parental care but suffering poverty, and thus at risk of being lured into child prostitution. But the fact is the number of homeless children is on the rise, as is the number of sexual offences against children by western males.To someone living outside of Pattaya this might appear to suggest that child sex is being sold openly on the streets, which is certainly not the case, Most children on the street are with their parents selling chewing gum, shining shoes or helping in the family business of street selling trinkets to tourists. Many Pattaya expats argue that the statistics are exaggerated, and that this is a typical western media exaggeration, targeted at further tainting the reputation of Thailand’s sin city.One would think a high profile sex tourist destination like Pattaya would be a difficult place for a pedophile to operate; police everywhere, authorities on the look out for wanted offenders.But in reality, amidst the protection of pimps and corrupt officials, who can be bought off with bribes, there’s no shortage or middle men willing to make a buck on the transaction of a child. DSI officers and local police arrest Mr George Tower in a house in the Fa Mai Pratu Kom community in the Suriyawong Road area of Hai Ya sub district, Chiang Mai.In some cases poor parents introduce their children to clients.

To dig a little deeper I decided to do some research on western men arrested on child sex charges in Pattaya in the last 5 years.Our galleries are packed with Filipina nudes and more every day! Can you believe these sweet girls fuck like monkeys on video? If you like what you see subscribe now to see all our girls in hardcore action!Take a look at our free Filipina demo clips or sign up to see them all. Teen Filipina is the website that started the whole filipina go go girl craze.Infamous Pattaya resident and British pedophile William Goad, 68, accredited with some 3,500 cases of child sexual abuse dies in Albany Prison on the Isle of Wight in the U. Goad was arrested in Britain in 2004 after returning from Pattaya, Thailand, where he had been living comfortably in exile under a false passport . Gregory Miller, aged 48, an American citizen working as a language teacher at an international school in Rayong. Gregory was accused of sexually assaulting boys aged 10-15 years at his house on several occasions. Police received a call in the early hours of Sunday morning that a foreign man was molesting a young boy in a car parked on Soi 4 off Pratamnak Hill.In Pattaya he lived with two Irish travellers, aged 15 and 16, whom he had known for several years, and he paraded them around gay haunts in Boyz Town and Sunee Plaza. Officers were sent to investigate and found the Toyota Vios parked in a dark area of the street. Norman Wallis in the act of seducing a young 13 year old boy.

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A recent report by the Human Help Network Foundation Thailand (HHN) has reiterated the cause for concern by highlighting the vulnerability of street children: Child prostitution in Pattaya will flourish as long as the number of homeless children – both Thai and foreign – remains high and they continue to be exploited by sex tourists and parents who sell their children into the trade.