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Canvey is also notable for its relationship to the petrochemical industry.The island was the site of the first delivery in the world of liquefied natural gas by container ship, and later became the subject of an influential assessment on the risks to a population living within the vicinity of petrochemical shipping and storage facilities.Mac Bean and Johnson, 18th century historians contend Counus Island would have existed much further out to sea (or even likely to be the Isle of Sheppey), so any similarity between the names is mere coincidence.Without any suitable island matching Ptolemy's Counus Island, 20th century historians White and Yearsley posit the documented island to have been lost or reduced to an insignificant sandbank by subsidence and the constant effects of the sea.That ancient pub was itself described by Charles Dickens in Great Expectations.So out of the way (and therefore the smugglers) was the inn behind the sea wall, in the 18th century it was known as 'The World's End'.The third eastern island or mudflat could well be the Counus i.e."council" Island where the Trinovantes, Cantiaci and the Catuvellauni counselled with the Iceni, shortly before staging Boudicca's rebellion against the Romans.

The scheme was managed by an acquaintance of Appleton's – Joas Croppenburg, a Dutch Haberdasher of Cheapside in London.If a boundary point, Counus would then be in tribal terms placed at the southern border of the Trinovantes on the eastern extent of the loose tribes also seen as the Tames (Thames).but periodical flooding continued to blight the small population of mostly shepherds and their fat-tailed variety of sheep for a further 300 years.The settlement and agricultural development of Essex by the Saxons from the 5th century saw the introduction of sheep-farming which would dominate the island's industry until the 20th century.The Norman conquest saw the area of Canvey recorded in the Domesday Book as a sheep farming pasture under the control of nine villages and parishes situated in a belt across south inland and coastal Essex.

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An agreement was reached in 1623 which stipulated that in return for inning and recovering the island, the landowners would grant a third of the land as payment for the work.

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