Signs of an online dating predator

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Signs of an online dating predator

Rashes and itchy skin According to dermatologist Dr Robin Russell-Jones: `A lot of common skin conditions like eczema become worse under stress.

Hence, when people are on holiday, their skin improves.

In such conditions, certain foods and drinks have an adverse chemical reaction in the body and may cause panic attacks and palpitations.

Stress also restricts breathing and affects blood pressure and heart rate.

If your skin tends to be dry, stress makes it drier and if you are inclined to spots, stress will bring them out.For instance, under stress the body produces adrenaline, a hormone that can upset the balance of other hormones in the body, making acne worse and also causing flushes.Also, long-term stress slows down the production of collagen and elastin fibres which give the skin its elasticity, resulting in sagging.Research has also shown that wounds may not heal as quickly when you're under pressure.An American study showed that the wounds of women who were caring for chronically-ill relatives took 24 per cent longer to heal than those of a control group.

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