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Ocs address book not updating

Address Book Server attributes are dynamic and are retrieved from the Ab Attribute table, which is initially written by the Address Book Server when the Address Book Server is activated.

Address Book Server activation populates the Ab Attribute table with the values shown in the following table.

User Guid is the index column and contains the 16-byte GUID of the Active Directory object.

User Data is an image column which contains all of the previously mentioned Active Directory Domain Services attributes for that contact.

You’ve just deployed Office Communications Server 2007 R2, and you have migrated a user account successfully or created a new account.

You sign in for the first time and you see a red exclamation point on the Office Communicator icon in the notification area.

The normalization rules that were used in previous versions may not work properly without some adjustments.

Because the white space and non-mandatory characters are removed prior to the normalization rules, if your regex expression is specifically looking for a dash or other character that was removed, your normalization rule might fail.

As a part of the deployment of Lync Server, Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition server, the Address Book Service is installed by default.You should review your normalization rules to ensure that either they are not looking for these non-mandatory characters, or that the rule can fail gracefully and continue in the event that the character is not present where the rule anticipates it will be.The Address Book Server uses data provided by User Replicator to update the information that it initially obtains from the global address list (GAL).A string attribute, but is included only if the attribute value begins with "tel:".This is primarily for multi-valued string attributes, specifically proxy Addresses.

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For information about a tool in the Resource Kit specifically for the Address Book service, see Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Resource Kit Tools.