Mom son sex chat

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Mom son sex chat

They both got a little naughty when he started to flirt.. after two days of flirting,he finally made his move.

I said “I don’t know, u will know that only after you talk to her”.

One day wgile chatting in an adult room I saw a guy who said he was interested in aunties. My intention was to talk dirty only and share some experiences. Stranger: hi Me: hi Stranger: asl plz Me: 18 m, and u?

Stranger: 28 male At first I talked about useless stuff like occupation, studies and fantasies etc.

Mom chats and flirts with them in front of me and I don’t really mind all that though they are always looking at her boobs rather than her face. I was like other naughty teenage boys and used to spend hours on the internet.

I watched porn, did chatting in adult rooms, read sex stories and all that.

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But I was satisfied that at least they talked and decided to chat again next day.