Mentally hadicapped dating a normal person local men dating married women

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Everyone in that office knows of her disability, so he wasn't flying blind.She was flattered that someone was paying attention to her and probably had no idea what was on his mind.There are significant reasons why it may be wrong to follow through on the attraction, but I don't see anything inherently wrong with the attraction itself. But he may well have felt a genuine attraction to your niece. But just feeling an attraction to an inappropriate sexual partner doesn't make you a sexual predator.There are sexual predators who target those with diminished capacity, but there are also those who truly are attracted emotionally and sexually to people with diminished capacity.I don't recall that he was supposed to have a particular fetish for the mentally retarded, however.And why is it "sick" to feel attraction to the developmentally disabled? That was clearly unacceptable, and if he had managed to get her to engage in sexual activities with him, it would be rape.

I've googled a dozen likely coined terms such as those above, without luck. Should they be deprived of any choice in their sex-life???? The question as to whether or not a mentally challenged person (forgive the PC term) can enjoy a relationship depends on their ability to function independently of the other person, and be able to make decisions about the relationship.The American Army does a poor job of letting the world know it supports the Special Olympics. Now Junior grew up in a poor black southern urban neighborhood in Charleston, SC.I was a young captain at Fort Leonard Wood when the SO rolled into town. He was an athlete in high school, never a star but reasonably good, with a good strong body and middling looks.He started taking her to lunch and then arranged for a dinner date.At that point, she mentioned to my sister (her guardian) about her new friend who buys her lunch.

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You're admiting yourself that he could have been genuinely attracted to her and not trying to take advantage of her. Granted, there are normal people who are completely dependant on the other, and can be coerced.