Live webcam pooping

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Feathers around the ears can also be fluffed up to act as a funnel, directing sound right towards their ears.

Won’t the babies get smothered from the parents sitting on them? Back to Top Home ranges of the Barred Owl vary according to location. Any indigestible parts of prey such as fur and undigested bones are regurgitated as a pellet. Bones are broken down in the stomach to provide important nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus. However, recent research reveals that some species of birds have a high number of active genes that are associated with smell. What’s the white film that you sometimes see over the bird’s eye? Back to Top Traditionally, scientists assumed that most birds have a poor sense of smell because the area of a bird’s brain involved in smell is relatively small compared with the area found in mammals.

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How old are they when they have their first nest/nestlings? The female has been sitting on the eggs and the male hasn’t brought her any food. Adaptations to a nocturnal lifestyle have compromised owls’ abilities to focus on objects very close.