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Tapp monitored the Gordon's residence, still convinced Lawrence is Jigsaw, and rushed over after hearing gunshots.There he found Gordon's wife and daughter being held captive by Zep Hindle.In the game's "Freedom" ending, Tapp manages to escape the asylum but committed suicide sometime afterwards, unable to overcome his obsession with Jigsaw. As a part of Amanda's game, he was heavily tranquilized (injected with an opioid overdose) and unable to move or feel anything.In Saw V a police memorial service is held honoring those who died in their effort to close the Jigsaw case; Tapp was among the officers honored. The key to unlock her trap was placed in his stomach, and to get it, Amanda had to cut him open.

Unwilling to let a flatout murderer continue his legacy John designed a test in Saw III, in which Amanda was to prove that she had what it takes, but she ultimately fails when she shoots Lynn Denlon, and Jeff Denlon retaliates by shooting Amanda. She is found by Michael Tapp with her arms secured to the ceiling of an elevator shaft and her legs secured to the roof of an elevator.In Saw, Alison and Diana were held hostage by Zep Hindle as a part of Lawrence's test.When Lawrence failed his test, Zep attempted to kill both Alison and Diana, but they were saved by Detective Tapp.The Saw series of horror films features a large cast of characters created primarily by directors and screenwriters James Wan, Leigh Whannell, Darren Lynn Bousman, Patrick Melton, and Marcus Dunstan.The series focuses on the character of John Kramer (Tobin Bell), the "Jigsaw Killer", who seeks out those he considers to be wasting their lives and subjects them to torturous and lethal traps, referred to as "tests" and "games", in an attempt to make them appreciate living.

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Allison Kerry was one of the first detectives assigned to the Jigsaw case, and one of the most knowledgeable of how he works.

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