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Home updating on a budget

You can use bricks, cinder blocks, landscaping timbers, or anything that will hold soil and resist water.Use varying height and colors to add an extra visual element.While you’re doing that you should add new insulation in as much of the home as possible.You will instantly update the look of your home for both the interior and exterior and save money on your heating and cooling costs.You can read more about great landscaping ideas for a mobile home here.Shutters are a great addition to your home, especially if they are working shutters.

Having a covered outdoor space is great and the covered parking isn’t too shabby either.You could paint your home and skirting one solid color and using a second color for trim like the home below.It grounds the home to the land and puts focus on the upper part of the home, making it seem taller.All of these beautiful mobile homes are in a Huntington Beach, CA mobile home park.The home below does a great job of incorporating an older home into a beautiful, modern dwelling.

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You can build a raised roof directly over the home’s original roof.

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