Give your opinion on internet dating

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Give your opinion on internet dating

You can find sites where you just submit a short advertisement for yourself (or browse through others'), but there is only so much you can put in an ad. I found the sites where every member has a personal page to be most helpful for actually finding people who I thought I might get along with.An example of this kind of site is Ok Cupid, still free at the time of writing, where you can make a personal page as simple or as elaborate as you like, add photos if you wish, and search for other profiles by interest or location. Creating your profile One friend that I talked to about this subject said that one of the things stopping her from joining a dating site, was that she didn't have a clue as to what to put in a profile.Whatever your reason, if you're going to try the internet dating thing, there is some advice I'd like to share.Finding a dating site Dating sites are popping up like toadstools.

Then I finally managed to actually meet with this guy I had been emailing with for weeks, who was living in the same town as I and who seemed to like all the same places, only we'd never run into each other. There are many reasons why you might choose this way of trying to meet someone.

On the other hand, you might not like the idea of having your face on the internet next to what's essentially a personal ad. I once ran into a guy on the street that I recognized from a dating site (I'd been browsing 'straight men between 25 and 30 yrs old in Delft' and hey presto, one was living in my street) and I was very glad he couldn't recognize me back. In order to still be found by the people browsing pictures, I stole a picture out of my favourite graphic novel off the 'net and put that on my profile. There is another reason not to add your picture: because you prefer to be judged on your personality first and on your looks second.

I've experimented with two profiles, one with my photo and one without.

This might also mean you run the risk of running into spyware or stuff like that.

Keep your wits about you, especially when girls that look too sexy to be true invite you somewhere, online or IRL :).

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