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This controversy has implications about the mode and timing of humanity’s origin and directly impacts the scientific credibility of the biblical account of human origins.

Though scientists are far from discovering humanity’s “birth certificate,” new work on mitochondrial DNA’s mutation rate helps bring resolution to this issue and, in doing so, provides affirmation of Scripture., one of the most significant developments in human origins research has been molecular anthropology (the use of genetic variability among people around the world as a way to understand the origin and early history of humanity).

Ultimately, genetic similarities and differences can be used to trace all populations back to a single ancestral group.

The extent of the differences in DNA molecules can also be used to estimate when different groups diverged from each other and even when the ancestral group lived.

was 14 years old, not 12, as his falsified birth certificate indicated.

However, careful assessment of these studies and new insight into mitochondrial DNA’s mutation rate indicates it is premature to conclude that the scientific date for humanity’s origin is too old to harmonize with the first chapters of Genesis.As is typical in New York City, there are many ways to party and celebrate an event.But New Year’s Eve in New York is not just another event – it’s NYC’s biggest event of the year and with millions more eyes watching the celebration on TV, it’s become an iconic and symbolic tradition.If you’ve never done it you should at least once in your life.If you end up in Times Square, visit the New Year’s Wishing Well located in the Visitor’s Center.

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DNA contains the blueprint needed to build each human being; it is also the molecule of inheritance.

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