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E datingthesecret com

Representations of these mythical creatures are not limited to the vishap steles, but are also thought to have been depicted on other rock carvings found in the country.Whilst it is at present extremely difficult for such petroglyphs to be dated, these images of the vishaps may have been made as early as prehistoric times, perhaps during the Neolithic period.Still, it is entirely possible that the steles were erected at an earlier point of time, and that these carvings were added later on, perhaps as a means of converting these pagan images into symbols of the Christian faith.It has also been pointed out that early Urartian cuneiform have been found inscribed on a vishap stele unearthed in an Armenian village called Garni.The vishap is said to be the Armenian word for dragon.According to Armenian legends, the vishaps were powerful creatures who lived in high mountains, in big lakes, or in the clouds.

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A vishap stele (known also as vishapakar and vishap stone) is a type of stone monument that can be found in Armenia.

These steles may be identified by the carvings on them, usually of fishes or snakes.

In addition, it is unknown if these steles were set up in one go, or over a longer period of time, perhaps years, decades or even centuries.

Based on the crossed and Armenian inscription found on some of the vishap steles, some of these stone monuments may be dated to the 13th century AD.

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This in turn means that the purpose of the vishap steles is another big puzzle that scholars interested in this subject are faced with.

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