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Some blunders, like marriage and bigotry, you know to avoid. While it's good to be open and talk about your interests, you don’t want to take it to the extreme.

But even seemingly harmless topics can send up unintentional red flags. Lynn, a 27-year-old living in Brooklyn, says that other than asking what she does for work with no follow-up questions, the guys she’s been out with recently all talked about themselves the entire time. ” “I’m sure you like blondes more.” We all know confidence is one of the sexiest traits, so never put your date in the awkward position of having to incessantly bolster your self-esteem, warns Chicago-based relationship therapist, Laura Berman, LCSW, Ph. Not only does it shine a bright light on your (nonexistent) “flaws,” but it also forces him constantly reassure you, she adds.

They give you insight into the woman you’re on the date with, they open up the conversation to romance/sex, and they make you seem intelligent and interesting for knowing them.

Some other great facts: I’ve found that it’s easy to work these into a conversation, and you can do it even if you haven’t read the book.

Like the Body of Water quiz, it’s a list of questions with corresponding interpretations.

Here are the questions: These are definitely not magic and they’re no substitute for being a generally good conversationalist (a subject which many people smarter than I am have written extensively about).

D., a San Diego-based sociologist and sexologist.“While it’s great to share your passions, make sure you’re also taking the time to get to know their passions and interests too.” And skip topics they have no interest in: According to a Match survey, about 75 percent of people believe having similar activities and interests is crucial to wanting a second date. Fake it 'til you make it with these 19 tips to boost your confidence.You should be excited and happy with yourself, but you’ll probably also feel a little nervous that the date will be awkward or you won’t have anything to talk about.I dealt with this feeling for a while (though it definitely fades with time).So you’ve made a great dating app profile, sent out solid opening messages to women you’re interested in, and asked them out at the right time.And now, your thoughtful approach is starting to pay off: you’ve got a date!

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Doing this entire activity or just discussing it can lead to interesting conversation about love, attraction and what it means to you and your date.

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