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We invite comments and further inquiries, as we have just begun to explore all that the survey has to offer.

We anticipate further study on these and other topics, and hope that others will join us as well in analyzing this data, and use it as a tool to enhance our collective understanding of social forces shaping American families.

We invite readers to sign up for future research updates.

In an effort to allow others to build upon our work, and as part of our commitment to transparency in research, we are pleased to announce that the full data set will be made available in mid-2015.

The table of contents contains the questions that guide each of the sections of the research and that should help guide the reader to the topics that interest them the most.

The survey employs a very large weighted probability sample and as such represents the diversity of American adults’ contemporary experience.

We acquired 15,738 completed surveys from this group.

The Relationships in America survey is uniquely equipped to do that, answering a wide variety of questions and providing up-to-date estimates, which can inform our national discussion of family matters.

The survey was designed to provide a broad overview of the social forces that shape American society, as well as to document trends that affect individual and familial well-being.

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More details about survey weighting, methodology, and sample selection are available in Appendix A.

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