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Dating on line pearz service

Others contend that the name originates with Folos, who according to myth was a wealthy landlord of the region.It was conquered by Stefan Dusan, was king of Serbia in 1348 and was managed for 25 years.Volos participated in the 2004 Olympic Games, and the city has since played host to other athletic events, such as the European Athletic Championships.Volos hosted the 7th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics from 27 July to 5 August 2013.

Volos was occupied by Ottomans on , during the Greco Turkish War.Since the early stages of the Greek Revolution, the provisional government of Greece claimed Volos as part of Greek national territory, but the Treaty of Constantinople (1832), which established a Greek independent state, set its northern boundary between Arta and Volos..It was a kaza centre in Sanjak of Tirhala, which was part of Jannina Vilayet before cession to Greece.The Anavros river, famous for Jason's pass, divides the Nea Demetriada district from the rest of the urban area.Krausidonas is the major river passing through the city, and constitutes the natural lung of the urbanized area of Volos, as well as the boundary between the major municipalities of the metropolitan city, the municipalities of Volos and Nea Ionia.

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Its climate is one of a low humidity, favourable for all kinds of activities.

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