Dating a male flight attendant zabadating com

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Dating a male flight attendant

It shows social graces when you attempt a conversation.Start with something, even if it’s, “Is this your normal route?I don’t have time for sleazy, cheesy, or dumb, and neither do other flight attendants, or any woman worth a man’s time for that matter.

If you think a time is better than the end, that’s fine, just follow the ultimate guideline of being as natural as possible.Galley ordering Often passengers will start having a conversation with the flight attendant as he, or she is taking care of the first snack, and beverage service.This is always the most busy service of the entire flight.Have your 20-Second Pitch I recently had a well dressed gentleman traveling on one of my flights. These tips will get you well on your way to asking out the flight attendant.I didn’t talk to him the entire flight, but as he was deplaning, we started chit-chatting. It’s important to give out your number, and not ask for hers.

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Cause if it’s the window, I’m basically flirting with seats A, B, AND C, which is just awkward.