Colton haynes dating

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Colton haynes dating

star, who has struggled with clinical anxiety, peeked out of the closet in January when he responded to a Tumblr comment about his "secret gay past" with a coy, "Was it a secret?

" Now, after rehab for his anxiety so severe it sent him to the hospital several times in months, he finally felt free enough to confirm the speculations. ) But now that he has, it almost seems as if his totally understandable fears may have been unwarranted.

We meet at the Roxy Hotel’s basement lounge, the Django, for the unveiling of John Varvatos’s spring/summer 2017 collection, and Haynes is as in-demand as ever.

Photographers practically pile on top of one another to take his picture, and though he claims that the only thing that scares him these days is people, he’s much better at this than he lets on.

Among the items for sale: a heather gray T-shirt aptly scrawled with the word anxious (Haynes intentionally chose the color to confront and embrace his sweating issue), and a black cap that reads daddy, about which Haynes is impossibly coy.

For some time, I've noticed all of the photos Haynes and Rickards have posted together, which might just prove they are besties.

That's because, for fans at least, his sexual orientation is more than a non-event--it's a trait they're willing to embrace both in real life and in fiction.

They're so enthusiastically supportive in fact, that it begs the question: where does the pressure for a heartthrob like Haynes to be heterosexual even come from?

However, based on these new photos, I'm thinking otherwise.

For example, Haynes refers to Rickards as his "boo" and says that he is one "happy guy in the world." Hmm... Again, they haven't said anything confirming or denying a relationship, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate, all while looking at their adorable Instagram photos.

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Felicity and Oliver might be the "it" couple of Arrow, but in real life, there's a good possibility Roy, aka Arsenal, and Felicity are dating.

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