Celebrities dating violence

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Celebrities dating violence

People are so quick to look for the obvious -- bruises, suspicious marks, etc.

Sometimes it is the discreet signs, the ones that are overlooked, such as controlling behavior, that are just screaming "abusive relationship."What is the first step someone should take if they are involved in an abusive relationship?

Many of the cases are dealing with repeat offenders, but sometimes it was a one-time incident in which the charges of domestic abuse were later dropped.

Who is the most famous person charged with domestic abuse? The “Two and a Half Men” star plead guilty to domestic abuse charges in 19.

Some famous ladies have also been charged with domestic abuse.

Roberts's father, Eric Roberts, also has a history of domestic violence.She is a well known actress and singer, with her roles on Disney Channel, so I believe that many of these youth will know of and connect with her.Also, because she has experience with this herself, her story will definitely help someone.Dating violence is a serious issues that impacts one in three young people today.“It’s horrifying to know how many young people deal with abusive relationships and how much goes unmentioned,” Debby said.

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Sheen has a history of drug abuse, although the only drug he claims to use these days is a drug called “Charlie Sheen.” He is currently starring in the TV show “Anger Management” and hasn't been in trouble with the law since 2009.

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