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Asia sex dating

Nick states, “Tinder was like gold to me…I could say and do as I pleased without consequence…

I was feeding my appetite for sex with little effort.” After one particularly shame-filled experience, Nick completed an online sex addiction assessment.

Most addiction treatment methods revolve around abstinence.

However, complete abstinence is not realistic when it comes to sex, which is why it is important to seek treatment specifically designed to treat addictions in which complete abstinence is not possible.

It can be difficult for people to identify sex addiction in them as everyone has their own drives and preferences for sex.This is why we see sex addiction being fuelled by technology as it provides easy, and often instant, access to sexual encounters.In recent years, the rise of technology has been accompanied by an increase in sex addiction.These apps make claims about finding your perfect match, do they do more harm than good?With sex being literally at our fingertips, the question must be asked – has ‘sexnology’ fuelled sex addiction?

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We got 165 responses to our little sex apps survey.