Access denied updating driver

Posted by / 23-Aug-2015 20:14

Access denied updating driver

Even then, nothing is consistent and we still run into problems adding additional printers.

This was not an issue with our linked clone machines. The VM's will have their Unidesk filter drivers updated on the next reboot.

In the event log i found an error in the application log Pn PDriver Import Error. I then added the printer but when the directory version came up i said "the printer that I want is not listed" Then i used Select Shared Printer by Name and enntered the printer server and share. When i rolled tht alyer out to the desktop i was no longer prompted to install the driver.

This error dsicusses trying to access I then logged in as administrator and was able to install the printer. I think it may have to do wiht how the printer is named whether from the directory or the share.

I've confirmed that all of our group policies are correct with regards to Point and Print Restrictions being disabled.

The strange this is that despite updating our OS layer to include all of our unique print drivers, printers will still refuse to be added until we delete all print drivers from the user's machine and re-add.

The only way to get it to map is to manually install the driver first.For our purposes, we're trying to keep the OS layer as clean as possible and limiting it to only OS updates and special fonts.Also, for most of our users, we are averaging about 7-8 application layers, so creating a Printers layer was an afterthought.I've rebooted the machines as well and am running into the same error (0x00000057). I've confirmed that the machines show as running Unidesk Tools I logged into a desktop as a user and tried to add the printer.I got the same access denied trying to connect to printer.

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